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Non Reviewed Articles

Please observe the following instructions for non-peer reviewed publications in the eJournal:

  • Text in English or German
  • Titel and summary/abstract in English and German
  • Assigned topics (see below)
  • Information about the author
  • Three to five keywords
  • Pictures in image file formats jpeg or png
  • Meta tags according to DCMI (see "Downloads")

Please choose one or max. two of the following topics and enclose your choice in the e-mail with which you submit your article.

  1. Construction and mechanical design
  2. Control technology and IT systems
  3. Management, organisation and operation
  4. Planning, analysis and simulation of logistic systems


Submit non-peer reviewed articles

For your article please use a Word template for non-reviewed articles with German or English spell aid (see "Downloads") and mail it, necessary details (meta tags) included, to Mr. Moritz Roidl.

Dipl.-Inform. Moritz Roidl
phone +49 231 755-3092
fax + 49 231 755-4768