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Welcome to Logistics Journal

The „Logistics Journal“ is an international scientific e-journal about material flow and logistics and is published by the “Wissenschaftliche Gesellschaft für Technische Logistik (WGTL)”. All contributions are published only online.

Scientific publications

The articles on this site meet the criteria of best scientific practice. The articles are divided into three sections: not reviewed articles (without peer review) and reviewed articles (with peer review) beeing superieur.
The third section (proceedings) contains preselected articles which have been presented at the WGTL colloquium.

Rules of best Practice

The editors and authors of the Logistics Journal undertake to adhere to the principles of best scientific practice. Best scientific practice means that scientists continuously check the methods and results of their scientific work with regard to their correctness. Furthermore, each scientist shall be faithful towards himself as well as towards the scientific and non-scientific community with regard to all scientific aspects.

The principles of best scientific practice

With regard to the scientific activities and publications in the Logistics Journal these principles imply:

  1. The recognition and observance of the principles of best scientific practice,
  2. the work lege artis,
  3. the acceptance of the intellectual property of others,
  4. the comprehensible description of the methods used,
  5. the complete documentation of all data which have been found during the research and are relevant for the publication,
  6. the effort to represent the research results in a comprehensible form,
  7. the correct use of presentations or pictures,
  8. the acceptance of third-party rights concerning: patented assignments or scientific findings, hypotheses, teachings or scientific approaches by abstaining from the unauthorized use under the pretense of authorship (plagiarism), the use of scientific approaches and ideas of others (theft of ideas), especially as expert, under the pretense of scientific authorship or co-authorship, falsification of the contents or the unauthorized publication and disclosure to a third party prior to the publication of the assignment, finding, hypothesis, teaching or the scientific approach,
  9. the claim of (co-)authorship of another person only with his/her agreement,
  10. the use of data and arguments which do not back up own conclusions.

The authors of scientific publications shall be responsible for the contents. A so-called "honorary authorship" is not permitted.

Primary data as basis for publications shall be stored for ten years in the collecting institution on durable and secure storage media.

This document is based on the document "Regeln guter wissenschaftlicher Praxis" of the University of Dortmund published by Menzel on 20th August, 2004 on.
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Publications and contribution announcement

Since 1st November 2004 the first articles are published in the Logistics Journal in English and/or German. All articles are published online only. However, this does not explicit exclude a publication in print media (media partners).