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Reviewed Technical throughput of material flow systems required to achieve design flow – determined by simulation with aniteration algorithm Logistics Journal, Volume 2008, Number August, (2008-08-07)
Reviewed Interfaced multidirectional small-scaled modules for intralogistic operation Logistics Journal, Volume 01, Number 01, (2009-09-30)
Reviewed Contribution to the performance evaluation of decentralized material flow controls on the example of a control prototype Logistics Journal, Volume 1, Number 1, (2010-07-01)
Not Reviewed Systemtechnische Ansätze zur Erfüllung neuer Anforderungen an Lagersysteme Logistics Journal : nicht-referierte Veröffentlichungen, Volume 2005, Number März, (2005-03-15)
Reviewed Utilizing the full Capacity of Sorting Systems with new Infeed Technology Logistics Journal, Volume 2012, Number 01, (2012-07-03)
Proceedings Entwicklung einer Simulationsmethodik zur schnellen Dimensionierung komplexer Materialflusssysteme Logistics Journal : Proceedings, Volume 2017, Number 10, (2017-10-16)
Proceedings Schneller zum Ziel ‒ Design, Implementierung und Evaluation eines neuen Ansatzes für die effiziente Materialflusssimulation Logistics Journal : Proceedings, Volume 2020, Number 12, (2020-12-03)
Proceedings Überlegungen zur Übertragung bionischer Systemdesignmuster auf die Fabriklayout- und Materialflussplanung Logistics Journal : Proceedings, Volume 2017, Number 10, (2017-10-16)
Not Reviewed Simulation von Paketen im Pulk Logistics Journal, Volume 2013, Number 11, (2013-11-19)
Proceedings Mathematical methods for the configuration of transportation systems with a focus on continuous and modular matrix conveyors Logistics Journal : Proceedings, Volume 2016, Number 05, (2016-05-27)
Proceedings Konzeptionierung und Durchsatzanalyse eines ULD-Shuttlelagers Logistics Journal, Volume 2012, Number 01, (2012-10-11)