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Analytical form of the Probability Density Function of travel times in rectangular zone with Tchebyshev’s metric

  1. Dipl.-Ing. Todor Todorov Faculty of Mechanical Engineering, Technical University of Sofia
  2. Assoc. Prof. Dr. Ing. Marin Georgiev Faculty of Mechanical Engineering, Technical University of Sofia


Geometrical dependencies are being researched for analytical representation of the probability density function (pdf) for the travel time between a random, and a known or another random point in Tchebyshev’s metric. In the most popular case - a rectangular area of service - the pdf of this random variable depends directly on the position of the server. Two approaches have been introduced for the exact analytical calculation of the pdf: Ad-hoc approach – useful for a ‘manual’ solving of a specific case; by superposition – an algorithmic approach for the general case. The main concept of each approach is explained, and a short comparison is done to prove the faithfulness.




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