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Comparison of performance measurement-systems used for order-picking

  1. Dipl.-Logist. Frederik Heine Hella KGaA Hueck & Co., Logistics Department, Lippstadt (Germany)
  2. Prof. Dr.-Ing. Sigrid Wenzel University of Kassel (Germany), Institute of Production Technologies and Logistics; Division Production Organization and Factory Planning


In consequence of rapidly changing market demands companies are permanently encouraged to review their own processes and structures and to modify them. Being one of these developments, order-picking is involved as part of an intra-logistics system. But to take appropriate actions, system performance and system costs have to be measured permanently. Concerning this the use of performance measurement-systems as further development of traditional systems of key figures is suitable. In this paper various performance measurement-systems are compared and their suitability for an implementation in order-picking systems is estimated. On the basis of the result of the evaluation a first concept of a performance measurement-system for order-picking will be developed by using typical key figures that are mentioned in academic literature. Finally, hints for a necessary detailed implementation and evaluation in practice will be given.


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